Friends are vital components of our life whether work friends, home friends or school friends. Friends provide moral support, a shoulder to lean on during sad and sorrowful moments and a platform you can share your thoughts and feelings without being harshly judged. Friends also assist in solving problems, by offering advice, guidance, and financial support when needed. Making friends may appear a natural thing, but it’s not that easy; those who have ever moved from one home area to another can attest to this. This may be a reason why we don’t make friends immediately with everyone we meet and after meeting many people only a handful qualify or end up being our friends. Making friends is a process, and the process has key steps.

Essential Steps When Selecting A Friend

The process of selecting a friend starts naturally immediately one meets a new face or in an environment with new people.

Step 1: Meeting And Knowing The Individuals.hbthbt

This is the first step in selecting a friend. One must be welcoming and create a platform for interacting with others such as accepting greetings, wearing a smiley face, accepting introductions or to be introduced by someone who knows both parties and contributing to discussions. The inner instincts, as early as at this point, selects the individuals who can be potential friends from those who cannot qualify by their character. Usually, one’s character determines the characters to look for in a friend.

Step 2: Interacting With The Individuals.

Interacting with the people give one an opportunity to know the persons better, know their characters and behaviors better. The best friends are the individuals who display the behaviors and characteristics compatible with one’s character or desirable behaviors. Such people are easy to connect with.

Step 3: Evaluating The Behaviors Of The Individuals You Connect With.

jnjynyjNot everyone with the charming character and who you find easy to connect with can be your friends. Evaluate their behaviors in line with your mission and goals and choose the ones who support your mission and your goals in life or at least don’t hinder achievement of your goals.

Step 4: Evaluating Reciprocity Of The Individuals:

A person may qualify for all the three stages but not ready to be your friend. A good and lasting friendship is a two-way path with reciprocity. Select individuals who are friendly to you and ready to be your friends.

The above steps are essential in selecting a good and long term friend