The Venus factor was discovered by nutritionist John Barban around ten years ago. The practice has been exercised by many women in the world. The Venus factor is 12 weeks weight loss program for women. It involves a prescribed diet, as well as balanced and affordable exercise workout plan.

Understanding The Venus Factor

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The Venus factor is not just an ordinary weight loss system. It is a fitness and nutritional plan for women who want to change their weight and physical appearance, different body dimensions and ratios between various body parts. The common rations in a women’s body are height to the waist, waist to hips, and waist to shoulders. Once a woman defines her intended shape of and the ratio of the body she can work out the Venus Factor plan for amazing results.

The Venus factor works efficiently for women

The scientific study has shown the existence of a single hormone that manages the body’s ability to burn fats. To lose weight one needs to burn off fats. The hormone responsible for the burning of the fat in the body is called leptin. It controls the bodies 100% to burn fats and calories. Leptin hormone is two times in concentration in women’s body compared to men’s body. High levels of leptin hormone increase the body’s metabolism rate and thus increasing the body’s ability to burn fats. Low levels of leptin hormone decrease the body’s metabolism and thus reducing the body’s ability to burn fats.  One may wonder how does the venus factor program work. The Venus factor works by stimulating the leptin hormone. Since leptin hormone is more concentrated in women, the Venus factor works extremely well for women.

How it works

Contrary to other weight loss program, the Venus factor works in a very friendly way. It is not a difficult and a restrictive program. The Venus factor works on helping the user keep track of fitness progress. Your fitness program is well monitored. A daily progress record is used to do this. When it deteriorates, one receives advice on what to do. This helps one to focus on the goal of the exercise. The goal is losing weight within a very short time and achieving the desired organ to organ ratio. Once one focuses on the goal, more efforts and dedication towards the program is initiated.

Weight loss is about dedication. Venus factor also works by engaging one to keep a healthy eating habit and a good lifestyle. More importantly, it puts emphasis in exercises which are key to the program. Regular exercises help in weight loss and also in good body fitness.


stressed woman on scaleThe Venus is the ultimate weight loss program for women. It focuses on hormone leptin and boosting the body’s metabolism. It does not require you to have special equipment and apparatus. It is therefore very cost effective. The total cost of the whole program ranges around $48. However, it requires considerable dedication on the work plan for the best results. It is also not suitable for injured people because it uses exercises.