Practical Ways to Lower Your Electric Bills


Most of the time, we complain when we get higher electric bills than the past month. It’s not uncommon that people put the blame on their electricity supplier. But are we doing our part? There are other factors that affect our power bills to shoot up, and people should be aware of this important part über Benergie.

We cannot do much when factors such as weather and home architecture are the main reasons we have high electricity bills. But when you are sure that the electricity retailer is the culprit, you may have the option of shifting to another. But did you ever consider that you are the reason for your ever-increasing power bills? Maybe you have some undesirable habits that contribute to your high bills.

Here are some easy and practical ways to lower your electric bills.

Know When to Turn Off Your Heating and Cooling Devices


Your heating and cooling devices are the most extravagant consumers of electricity in your home. In summer, when we use our cooling devices, the temperature may drop in the early hours of the morning. That can be the time when you can off your air-con. If you do not want the inconvenience, going for cooling devices with a timer can be a good option. 4-5 hours with your air-con turned off every day can translate to a lot of savings.

You can also do the same with your heating device. The temperature may rise at noon. You can turn it off for some time or adjust the temperature to lower degrees. It also helps if you check on your home insulation so there are no spaces where air can escape.

Unplug Devices and Switch Off the Light

You should know by now that unplugged electrical devices still consume energy. Electricity will still be transported even if they are turned off. For example, a computing device that is turned into a standby mode but still unplugged will always use energy. By unplugging your device, you will not only be lowering your electric bills, but you are also taking care of your devices.

It also helps if you turn off the lights when not in use. You can also choose LED bulbs over other types as they are said to consume lesser electricity.

Schedule Use of Some Appliances


The washing machine is one of the home devices that can also consume much electricity. It may consume more if you use it every time you have dirty linen to wash. Try to schedule a wash day where you can use the washing machine at once. Choosing your off day from work to wash your clothes will you time air dry them. It also helps if you use cold water instead of warming it first.

You can also schedule the day when to use the electric iron.…

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